About Training Made Simple

Training Made Simple is a passionate team of health and safety consultants with a vision to make health and safety accessible to the masses.

Our vision is to provide people with the education to safeguard their wellbeing while at work.

Employers are obligated to ensure their workforce has the required skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil their roles without risk to their health or safety and to ensure legal compliance. However, we recognise the difficulty facing employers in terms of lost working time, programming training courses into existing work commitments and the associated financial implications of providing this training.

We also recognise training requirements for employees in UK industry following the recent recession. Many workers re-trained or changed trade entirely in order to remain employed.  As a result, there are significant numbers of new or migrant workers and those returning to work who require training to be deemed competent in their role.

We made our dream to provide e-learning solutions a reality.  We provide high quality, cost effective, accredited training, ensuring Employers remain legally compliant.

This satisfies employers’ legal duties and gives employees the knowledge they need to safeguard their health and safety while at work.

Our competent construction and health and safety specialists have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the quality of service you expect on each and every one of our services or appointments. They hold chartered membership of IOSH, Certified membership of the Association for Project Safety and numerous other professional body memberships. They have experience of fulfilling the role of the competent person under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations’ 1999 and have acted as CDMC’s and Principal Designers. In addition they provide, prepare and deliver training courses throughout the UK. 

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