What is E-Learning?

E-learning allows you or your employees' to quickly and easily achieve the necessary accreditation you need to work smart and stay safe.

E-learning is a relatively new concept. Traditionally, courses are delivered in person by competent trainers and involve attendees taking time away from the workplace to attend. Often there is an assessment process to demonstrate the attendees understanding and a time period between course completion and certification being issued.

At Training Made Simple we understand the burden traditional training methods place on employers and employees.

How will e-learning benefit you?

  • Reduced lost working time and increased productivity
  • Reduction in training costs
  • Removal of course material costs
  • Removal of travel to and from training venues
  • Ability to re-visit course content
  • Real time convenient access
  • Consistency of training quality
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Versatile
  • Immediately available

E-learning enables a more efficient use of both your own and your employees’ time allowing for courses to be completed at convenient times.

Our courses are completed online using our bespoke e-learning system designed for ease of use. As a result, our courses cater for all abilities and levels of computer proficiency.

The world is becoming increasingly electronic, why shouldn’t your training follow suit?